EVA's line of stores supports the "Make a Dream" project

EVA's line of stores supports the "Make a Dream" project


We have a great news!

The EVA -line of stores supported the " Make a Dream" project and presented an interactive book for children from 3 to 8 years, which will consist of several parts of "The Adventures of Eve and Rudaski"

The purpose of the project is to motivate parents to spend quality time with their children. While reading a book, you can complete interactive tasks with your child, inspire children to read, become interested in the adventures of heroes, and get to know the world together.

Books will draw attention to environmental issues, and most importantly - help severely ill children

Curators and volunteers of the "Make a Dream" project, the hosts of 1 + 1, were the first to receive the book and have the opportunity to get to know their children. You will find out exactly who joined this initiative soon! Stay tuned for our news!

Yes, the younger one, to EVA stores to buy the first part of the book.

The main characters are the girl Eva and her favorite toy - the little Rudaski panda. Rudaska is no ordinary panda! First, she is a small panda that looks more like a fox. And secondly, this toy ... comes to life on the pages of the book and learns about the world with Eve!

Thank you to our partners! Together, we will be able to realize the big dreams of little patients more!