Africa saw the Ukrainian social multimedia project "Winners"

Africa saw the Ukrainian social multimedia project "Winners"

At the end of May, a grand presentation of the second part of the social multimedia project TSN and VIVA took place! "Winners" in South Africa. South Africa became the 23rd country on the project's exhibition map.

The Winners Project is devoted to ATO veterans who have lost body parts while protecting their homeland, but have not lost their thirst for life and strength, inspire others not to give up and win.

The project, along with curator Solome Vytvitskaya, TV presenter 1 + 1, and heroes Olga Benda, Volodymyr Voropay, a well-known volunteer, Anya Gvozdaryar came to South Africa at the invitation of the Embassy of Ukraine in South Africa and the Ukrainian Association in South Africa. Heroes of Ukraine visited Africa and traveled for two weeks.

n the Embassy's hall, in the heart of the capital, in Pretoria, a presentation of the photo exhibition for diplomats, ambassadors, representatives of the museum was held. In the photo 32 ATO veterans and Ukrainian paralympics. A charitable English edition of the magazine "VIVA!" Was presented. Winners ".
After Pretoria, the "Winners" went to another part of South Africa, to the school in the cities of Claymont and Lamberttsby, 700 children listened to the story of the curator of the Solomiya Vytvytska project on a distant Ukraine, the winners were created, they watched a video where the snow was, which they had never seen. Kids prepared for dancing guests from Ukraine and taught them to African movements. Almost 80 percent of these children from disadvantaged families, the winners became for them with inspiration and belief that everything in life is possible, can not be surrendered and any circumstances can be changed.

The heroes of the project, Olya Bend, a cook of 72 brigades who lost their foot from the explosion. Avdiyivka and Volodymyr Voropay, the "sea cat", 73 of the Special Operations Center, who lost their leg in the Donetsk region, showed their "steel" legs to young Africans, ran and showed fighting exercises art, which caused a flurry of delightful applause.

"Such a project as the" Winners "should be presented around the world and inspire people to be an example that life continues even after such difficult events in life. Stories of heroes, narrated in the magazine and the video are impressive "- shares his impressions of Calling Kachur, head of the Association of Ukrainians in South Africa.

The following day, ARTSCAPE's largest theater in Cape Town brought together organizations working with people with disabilities, paralympics and community activists. The purpose of the gathering was to draw attention to socialization and sport rehabilitation in South Africa, as there are 15,000 people with amputations, which is the highest in the world. The co-organizers are the University of Cape Town and the Artscape Theater Center.

"The winners have conquered the most southern country of the world - the South African Republic with their success stories and invincible. The problem of socializing people with disabilities in South Africa is much more complicated than in Ukraine, but the very first Ukrainian project has shown here that restrictions are only in the head and can always be successful! And everyone noted the importance of sports in rehab after injuries ", - noted the curator of the project" Winners "Solomiya Vitvitska Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to South Africa Taras Kuzmich presented the project as "a voice that informs the situation in Ukraine about the current conflict with Russia and tells about the Ukrainian invincible heroes".

Also, Ukrainian veterans climbed 1067 meters to Table Mountain - the heart of Cape Town, which combines the Indian and Atlantic oceans, visited a real safari, saw African penguins on the Cape of Good Hope, and visited a prison in Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was serving sentences.

The greatest impressions of Olga and Vladimir caused surfing: "Conquer the waves, a new element, it's like another peak, after which you want more victories!"

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