Coordinator of the project “THE RIGHT TO EDUCATION"
Natalia Moseychuk

“THE RIGHT TO EDUCATION" project is an unprecedented movement "from the bottom" for change in Ukrainian schools.Our goal is to make this movement "viral" and involve as many teachers, parents and children, as possible. Of course, we cooperate with all public institutions that can assist in achieving the goal. But it is extremely important that this idea becomes "the people's" and acquires the features of an all-Ukrainian trend.

The first large-scale project we launched was “Pravo na osvitu v likarni” (The Right To Education In Hospital). We started from a place where children already have limited access to many things because of health problems. Education is the main one. Because sooner or later the child leaves the walls of the hospital and has to return to class mates in school, lessons and challenges associated with this. The aim of this project is to eliminate injustice and make the lives of little patients fuller and intensive even inside hospital walls. We started with a small department in the children's Okhmatdyt hospital in the capital. An HIV-infected patients department became a pilot one. Some of them spent most of their lives in its rooms – for 10 years. A volunteer organization called Small heart with art, in unison with the 1+1 TV channel and help from people who really care, organizations and businesses, created a school class from an ordinary passage corridor.

It was after this experience that we thought about taking it to other hospitals around the country. So, we're now working on this, together with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Parliament, lobbyists of this idea.

Before 2017 we became partners and coordinators of such projects:

  • "Summerhill" is a creative competition for pupils' teaching skills - when children and young people who dream of becoming teachers write an essay on an ideal modern school where children will want to learn and discover their talents. Joint initiative of project curator Natalia Moseychuk and young bright Vinnytsia teachers Igor Zygvintsev and Yuli Voznyuk.
  • Curators and Partners of the Okhmatdit School Educational Program. In order to create an educational class at the HIV-department of the Okhmatdit clinic, together with the Small Heart with Art NGO, we have opened the first school for children who have been treated for a long time. Around one hundred volunteers participated in the creation of the School, as well as representatives of large and small businesses who helped to repair the premises, and equipped it. In the new school, volunteers volunteers spend five times a week who tested and refine a unique educational program under the hospital's specifics.

    The launch of a hospital school is a unique project not only for Ukraine but also for the entire region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Along with the launch of the classroom, a library appeared in the Ohmatdit HIV-unit.
  • From September 2018, the second school was opened on the basis of the capital Okhmatdyt. Now all children have the opportunity to study, communicate, socialize and distract from unpleasant medical procedures. Those children who can not get to the School of Medicine are studying at the bedside with the teachers who come to them.
  • Global Teacher Prize Ukraine Awards 2017, Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2018. Of the more than 2000 thousand applications each year, the top 20 were selected and participated in solemn ceremonies.

In the field of the project, the RIGHT TO EDUCATION all schools in the country. Those who are demonstrating innovative approaches, those who are behind the reforms, and those who are on the verge of disappearing, experiencing the "difficulties of growth." We seek to support those educational institutions that are keen to change and are ready to implement them. We hope that the RIGHT TO EDUCATION project will help change our schools and attitudes toward them, and finally, between the words "learning" and "happiness" one can put an equal sign

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